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Our stories tell us who we are. They retrace the paths of where we’ve been and they give an explanation as to how we have arrived at this place at this time.

Most of us are just ordinary people in search of the extraordinary within the stories of our everyday lives.  We instinctively know that we can strive a little harder, climb a little higher, and hang on a little longer.  We call it hope.  Some days, maybe most days, it’s the only thing that keeps us getting up and moving forward.

This website is dedicated to hope, to new beginnings, to the journey of life, to all of us ordinary pilgrims, and to the extraordinary stories along the way that are waiting to be told.

We must learn to tell our stories.  If we don’t, we run the risk of thinking we are in this alone.  And we’re not.  We are not alone.

Our Blog

What’s in a Title

Grief Exposed: Giving a Voice to the Unspeakable Throughout the course of Jim’s battle with cancer, I wrote a blog to inform family and friends about his treatments, procedures, and progress. That blog forced me to expose all the hard news and endless disappointments. It forced me to expose my fear and confusion. It forced …

The Book

Grief Exposed: Giving a Voice to the Unspeakable

Available now from WhiteFire Publishing

I am pleased and humbled to announce the publication of Grief Exposed: Giving a Voice to the Unspeakable.

In the years following my son’s death, I journaled, incessantly, in an attempt to process my loss and cope with my grief. After ten years, I stopped writing and started wading through those journals. I compiled the most poignant excerpts for my children and other family members to read and remember.

When Jim died, I promised him his pain would not be wasted. I had no idea what I meant or what that would look like. I think Grief Exposed is what that looks like.  Or at least, in part.

Thanks to an author friend—who was determined to have my words read by a wider audience and connected me to all the right people—that compilation is soon to become a book.

Grief Exposed: Giving a Voice to the Unspeakable found its home with WhiteFire Publishing. The official release date will be March 15 of 2022. Look for progress updates via my Facebook Author page and this website.

This has been unexpected and unbelievable. I feel everything from thrilled to terrified. I have no clue what will come of this or how it will impact my life.

Please pray for me. I’m going to need your help and support.

Thank you and God bless you…

To learn more and to purchase, visit:


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