Great Intentions

I sure hope good intentions count for something. I know that “our desire to please God does in fact please him” (Thomas Merton) so I suspect my desire to do and be all the good things I long for also find a soft spot in God’s heart.

I am sorry to say that my intentions for this web site have, as yet, fallen short.

There is something about survival that, though creating a very singular and therefore simplistic and narrowly-focused life, by day’s end drains most, if not all, of the energy and incentive to document the day—much less develop a meaningful or inspirational refection on the greater or deeper meaning of the day. The emotional drain I have experienced, especially since crossing the border into California, has left me overwhelmed and the day’s end finds me mostly hoping for something interesting, or at least distracting, on Netflix.

It’s a small step from my feelings of failure that this web site is falling short of my intentions to my feelings of fear that this entire journey—this Grand Quest—will also fall short of my intentions.

It’s been suggested that “faith is like taking a saw and cutting off the branch that we’re sitting on.” (Thomas Green)  That’s what this—a “last-ditch-effort, no-holds-barred, nothing-left-to-lose, faith-at-any-cost”—feels like.

That has to count for something.

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