Too Tired to Write

As much as I wish my ancestors would have left journals and memoirs to chronicle their lives, I suspect, by the day’s end, after toiling in the fields and barns, there was little time or energy left for careful evaluation or inspirational reflection.

As much as I thought I would have that kind of time and energy for that kind of self-expression at the end of my day, I have not.  I too find myself too tired to write.  As such, I have not chronicled this journey nor journaled my memories as well as I had intended.  I have not become the “blogger” I thought I might.  At least not yet.

I have, however, kept very busy—busier than I had expected.  I’ve found myself doing a lot of physical labor for the folks we are visiting along the way.  Everywhere we go, there’s work to be done.  I wonder how different it would be if someone we stayed with would have been a published author who pressed me and helped me to write and publish my words in this blog?  I guess I wonder how a lot of things might have been had my life gone differently.  Oh well.  Not the case.  We live the life we are given.

As we travel and stay with friends and family, LuAnn does what LuAnn does best.  She cooks.  Everywhere we go, she provides delicious meals to the enjoyment and envy of all.  Sometimes I forget how lucky I am in that regard.

If our plans remain steady, we will travel to Southern California at Christmas to spend the holidays with family.  From there we will continue south arriving at the home of missionary friends in El Porvenir, Mexico by the New Year.  We’ll see what comes of that.

ATTENTION: I finally launched the Photo Gallery portion of this web site.  Go to the Main Menu and select Our Pictures.  There are a lot of photos in four separate galleries for you to peruse at your leisure.  Enjoy.

I’m going to try a new task and connect a photo to this post.  If it works, you will see a picture or two of the Monterey Bay.




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