Laying Low in Mexico

Forgoing my customary apology for the infrequency of my posting, I will simply say, “LuAnn and I made it to Mexico.”

I’m writing this in a wonderful little coffee shop in Ensenada.  We are staying in the small village of El Porvenir in the Guadalupe Valley, about an hour’s drive northeast of Ensenada.  We arrived nearly a month ago and will remain here through February.

A Great Spot for Some Great Coffee

Our year-long pilgrimage is being interrupted by the best reason possible.  Our daughter, Annie, will soon be delivering our first grandchild (a precious little girl).  We will return to Michigan in early March and continue our journey—our Grand Quest—sometime in May.

It has been LuAnn’s and my daily desire that God would, as we pursue this pilgrimage, guide our hearts and minds and reveal a direction for our future.  We believe we have loosely designed a plan for the next sixteen months.  In our present existence, which requires we take life one day at a time—going where the wind blows and rolling with the punches—foreseeing a sixteen-month road stretching out before us feels like a luxury and a gift.

With the “wind of the spirit” still actively blowing across our lives, I hesitate to provide any details.  I will reveal the upcoming milestones as we reach them.  Until then, may the Lord bless you and keep you…

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