Our Pictures

As we walk and drive, we point and shoot.

You will find four photo galleries below—Sights Along the Way, Churches, Hiking, and Family and Friends.

I don’t guarantee much order…chronologically or geographically.  Hopefully you will simply enjoy the images.

Sights Along the Way

From Farmlands to Mountains to the Pacific Coast, there has been no shortage of beautiful scenery.


One of the great joys of our journey has been the diversity and devotion of God’s people we have encountered as we have, each and every Sunday, sought out a church and a faith community with whom to worship.


Nearly every day, we find a place and carve out time to walk.  (Yes, there is a picture of a mall.  A tornado was brewing outside so we played it safe.)

Family and Friends

I’m still working on this one.  We keep forgetting to take photos of everyone.  We’re having too much fun seeing you all.  Forgive us if you don’t find yourself within this gallery.